Avira Compatibility issues 

Avira has launched it’s Official Avira Antivirus 2017 which is compatible with Windows 10 as well with both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. However, some users are facing issues in Avira on the latest Windows. This article to try to solve the most common issues. 

Issues with the solution 

1:-BSOD After Installing Anniversary Update

BSOD  means Blue Screen of Death.  It causes because of incompatibility between one of the Avira drivers (aswvmm.sys) and Intel CPU of the Skylake family.

 Solution: – Before installing Anniversary Update you must Update your Avira first. This issue has been resolved. You just need to run the latest compatible version.

2: – Critical Error:  Such as Start menu and Cortana aren’t working

It is the most popular issue in windows 10. its just lock it.

Solution:–Although people say it is because of Avira or another antivirus. But it it is not true. This occurs due to the bug in the windows 10. But before doing other things before solving this issue make sure you are using latest compatible version. You can also Boot into Windows Safe Mode 

3:– Avira SecureDNS can’t run on this network

This issue was faced by many users. It can be seen on the official forum. Recently many of the Avira users have reported the issue with Avira Secure DNS on the official forum. It you from phishing attacks using fake DNS servers. When this issue occurs then you will see  ‘SecureDNS can’t run on this network’.

Solution: – Till now there is no solution for this issue. Avira is aware of it. But it does not affect the Avira detention. Your system is secure.

4:– Avira Causes Black Screen on Windows 10

It is not a common issue but many of the users are reported it.

Solution:- Go to the Active Protection, open Customize, then Go to Exclusions tab, click add and add the following address to exclusions:  C:\Windows\Explorer.exe,’ and C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe and Restart your computer or goto https://babasupport.org/

If you have similar issues on  Windows 8 / 8.1. Thes Solution also works for them. If these steps do not work well and you are still facing problem visit Avira Customer Service